Strategic Communications

Coordinator of the Subgroup: Dr. Ligia Noronha

  • 1. Shri Pramit Pal Chaudhuri
  • 2. Shri Gautam Thapar
  • 3. Ms. Patricia Mukhim
  • 4. Shri Jayadeva Ranade
  • 5. Shri Prakash Singh

Citizens are the heart of national security and governance. The government's ability to communicate with them is crucial to deepening our democratic system and values. Communications need to be credible, timely and appropriate as well as responsive to a dynamic and fast-moving context. The Sub-Group focuses on:

  • Crafting a citizen-centred approach to communications.
  • Examining selected cases and best practices to maximize the effectiveness of communication in support of national objectives.
  • Recommending mechanisms of institutional cooperation and guidelines for strategic communications.

Current Agenda