Internal Security

Coordinator of the Subgroup: Shri. G K Pillai

  • 1. Shri Pradyot Chandra Haldar
  • 2. Shri Prakash Singh
  • 3. Ms. Patricia Mukhim
  • 4. Shri Ravindra Gupta
  • 5. Shri Jayadeva Ranade

The Sub-Group on Internal Security looks at the challenges which confront the cohesion of the Indian State and its ability to ensure coherent responses to both traditional and emerging threats. Recommendations of various commissions and committees are already under the consideration of Government. The Sub-Group will avoid duplicating this exercise and will focus on some key and critical challenges and identify a set of urgent and compelling interventions which can no longer be avoided or deferred.

  • Terrorism, Left-Wing Extremism, Jammu and Kashmir, North East, and Communalism constitute the key internal security challenges.
  • In dealing with these challenges, there is need to focus on underlying political and social factors as also the diminishing capacity of Central/ State law and order and judicial machinery, in particular, in the area of policing, with regard to human rights and gender sensitivity.
  • Establishing and sustaining a Centre/State consensus on ensuring Internal Security, reviving and/or creating Centre-State and inter-state institutions and processes to achieve this objective.
  • Community based initiatives to promote communal harmony, national integration and public security.

Current Agenda