Border Management

Coordinator of the Subgroup: Shri Shyam Saran

  • 1. Lt. Gen (Retd.) P C Bhardwaj
  • 2. Shri Pradyot Chandra Haldar
  • 3. Shri Prakash Singh

The Sub-Group aims to articulate a philosophy of border management that goes beyond the challenge of securing India's frontiers through narrow defined categories of border defense and regulation. The recommended approach will focus on borders as connectors to India's neighbourhood, the role of populations inhabiting border areas and cross-border infrastructure and economic links as catalysts for local development.

  • Components of a comprehensive approach to border management, including border security, border/cross-border infrastructure, backward linkages to interior areas and regulations of cross-border flows of peoples and goods.
  • Role of Border States in border management and institutional mechanisms and processes to achieve a coordinated approach.
  • Different sectors of India's land-borders and their specific characteristics and challenges and the role of different border guarding forces i.e. BSF, ITBP, SSB and Assam Rifles. Coordination among these forces and local security agencies.
  • Cross-border linkages in the context of regional economic integration in South-Asia and India's Look-East Policy.

Current Agenda